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Dr. Robert DeGroot is the founder of Sales Training International and is the SalesHelp brand owner. He is a bestselling author, psychometric researcher, test developer, consultant, top-producing sales professional, and trainer.

After completing his military service in the US Coast Guard, Bob attended Texas State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Education (MEd) in School Psychology. He earned his Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH) degree from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy.

His related work experiences include Assistant Instructor of Psychology at Texas State University, Supervisor of the Children's Forensic Clinic, Associate School Psychologist, Career Counselor, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and Licensed Professional Counselor.

The magic in sales happened for Bob when he discovered the psychology that made sales techniques work successfully in some situations but not in others. He continued to apply varying psychological principles to his sales techniques. He quickly rose to the top producer ranks in the companies where he worked. These discoveries were published in his first book, Psychology for Successful Selling (Branden Publishing Company, 1988).

His continued studies in human motivation, buying behavior, sales process, and persuasion led him to develop a different perspective about selling, evident in his 44 ebooks/books, 25 of which became best-sellers.

Thousands of sales professionals, sales managers, and customer service representatives have been trained in the courses he's developed and offered through his company.

Today, Dr. DeGroot is changing direction from writing business books and courses to writing paranormal mystery novels.

The main character lives on a trawler-style boat cruising the great loop. His primary source of income is from the rewards posted for solving cold cases, finding missing persons, kidnap victims, and fugitives. The secondary recurring protagonist is a private investigator who previously worked for the FBI and retired from the US Marshals Service. As a down-to-earth pragmatist, she has a subtle sharp wit and a touch of well-earned snarky attitude. A third recurring, somewhat quirky character is a "water witch" who crafts seeker spells, helps in water based searches, protections, and uses other energy inspired abilities. Her off-the-wall humor, flighty demeanor, positive outlook, ability to swim as fast as a dolphin, and a bright colorful aura make are a delight to be around.

Great Loop Veteran: Bob and his wife Kemba lived full-time aboard their DeFever CPMY trawler for three years while they cruised the great loop and the Bahamas having one adventure after another. Kem documented their journey in a series of blogs now hosted on WordPress

Diagnostician: Just as the protagonists (heroes) will have identifiable characteristics of the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), many of the villains (antagonists) will have attributes of mental disorders described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Bob will create authenticity in his characters by drawing on the skills gained and demonstrated with specialty certifications in Neuropsychological Evaluation, Diagnostic and Evaluation in Psychology and Education (TX), Mental Status Diagnostics, Psychological Diagnostics, and Emergency Mental Health: Assessment & Treatment of his characters.

Class-three Licensed Private Investigator (Skip Tracing): Since his stories involve various law enforcement agencies, his background training and experience working in related fields will come in handy. He was the co-owner of Austin Recovery Bureau and spent many hours engaged in finding people who didn't want to be found - In Texas at this time, a Private Investigator's skip tracer's license was required. Much later in life, Bob became the Children's Psychological Forensic Clinic's first supervisor and has had advanced training in Forensic Hypnosis and non-verbal Ideomotor Responding. He and his wife, a cardiovascular nurse specialist and author, completed training at the Cape Coral Citizens Police Academy. Bob successfully completed the Beginning Psychic Detective classes taught by Pam Coronado which required training in pendulum use, remote viewing, determining whether a person was alive or dead from a photograph, and many other skills.

Esoteric Certifications: Dr. DeGroot is also incorporating his more esoteric knowledge from his certification training in Kinesiology, Energy Therapy Techniques, Past Life Regression, Time-line Therapy, Age Regression/Progression, Time Distortion, Automatic Writing, Hypnotically induced Analgesia/Anesthesia, Creating Positive and Negative Hallucinations, Reiki Master Level One, Advanced Forensic Hypnosis, Non-Verbal Hypnosis Induction Technique, Rapid Inductions, Conversational Inductions, and Spirit Releasement Therapy. Bending and blending clinical terms into everyday language will make understandable the more profound concepts found in psychological thrillers.

Earthbound Spirits: Bob received his initial training in the late '90s in Spirit Releasement therapy from William J. Baldwin. Spirits play an essential role in the upcoming series. He is currently updating and learning new ways to communicate with spirits without the electromechanical equipment that many ghost hunters use. "Communicating with earthbound spirits using a pendulum and then helping them into the light went exceptionally well the first time I had the opportunity to do it," he says.

Remote Viewing: Most of the early formal Remote Viewing research was conducted by the CIA, DIA, and Army Intelligence and is now declassified (see the book Project Stargate for a compilation or run a search online). Check it out for yourself. Bob received his initial training in Remote Viewing in the late 90s and has recently updated his research and is back in training using Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). He is a current member of the International Remote Viewing Association. Authenticity wins.

Firewalking: Bob learned "Firewalking" at one of the optional workshops he took at an American Board of Hypnotherapy conference. The fire burned at over 1,000 degrees (aluminum warps at 400 degrees F.). The path was six feet wide and twenty feet long. How is that possible? Quantum Mechanics defines how it has to work, while hypnosis actuates the theory that makes it work.

Psychokinesis (PK): After attending several PK Parties led by originator Jack Houck, Bob and his wife started hosting parties of their own teaching others how to use their psychokinetic abilities to bend spoons and forks. What fun! What empowerment!

At least eight in ten people will successfully bend spoons with their minds their first time in training. Yes, you can physically bend a spoon handle with pure brute force, but go ahead right now and try that with the bowl of a spoon. Can't do it? With a unique application of your mental energy, you can just roll it up with your thumb. It's easy once you know how and have gained the confidence of having done it several times in an evening. Psychokinesis is a skill to master, especially if you need to bend the barrel of the gun pointed at you. And yes, according to the CIA declassified documents (Project Stargate), it's theoretically possible to use psychokinetic abilities remotely – we will. This is fiction writing, after all.

Auras: Once taught, ten out of ten people will be able to sense the energy of auras, and most will see them, and many will learn how to see the energy shooting out of their fingertips. Generating energy balls is a part of learning basic healing techniques that, at one time, many nurses learned (Therapeutic Touch) as part of their orthopedic rotation. It helps knit bones after a break. Energy balls are also a great weapon when fighting the baddies, huh?

Pendulums: Nearly everyone can learn to use a pendulum on their first try. Readers will be able to clear negative energy from their homes, engage psychic protection programs, communicate with spirits (if they're around), find lost objects, and do other fun things. Bob received training in ideomotor responding (controls the pendulum) during a class in non-verbal hypnosis. This is a skill you'll learn in book one. Bob is a member of the American Society of Dowsers.

Spell Crafting and Casting: It is easy to set intentions and craft spells, but learning to cast them effectively requires releasing the thought-form energy. You can get a head start by reading Lynn McTaggart's books, The Intention Experiment and The Field. There are hundreds of occult or witchcraft-oriented books that teach spell crafting and casting. Bob's studies in the occult began with an unusual case he supervised at the Children's Forensic Clinic many years ago and continued throughout the years as he compared spell crafting and casting with goal-setting techniques, the Law of Attraction, Intention experiments, and others.

And so much more: The paranormal content of the books stays within the boundaries of what can be demonstrated through observation, logic, validated research, and the readers' personal experiences. This strategy will let the readers develop and experience these paranormal skills for themselves. Thirty-seven such phenomena will gradually be introduced throughout the series.

These are fast-paced mysteries to solve infused with high energy, page-turning action on a bed of sanity maintaining humor in the tragic situations of missing persons, kidnap victims, and fugitives on the run - all with a cash reward waiting for the person who calls the tip line first.

Robert "Bob" DeGroot, MEd, DCH
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