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Prevent Preempt Respond to Objections round logoFREE Support Materials for Facilitators and Sales Managers

  1. Facilitator’s Guide: This detailed guide for sales managers, trainers, and coaches is provided at no additional cost with your first purchase of 24 books (1 carton) from any source (wholesale or retail). Facilitator's Guide Sample.
  2. Sales Manager’s Guide: Help salespeople create personalized sales objection strategy books.
  3. Company-wide Rollout Plan: Minimize risk, improve acceptance, and ensure results.
  4. Flashcard Learning Contest Guide: Use at local, regional, and national sales meetings to speed, intensify, and deepen the learning to maximize results available.
  5. Coaching Guide: Brief 2 page "how to coach" guide with triad of performance and modified sandwich technique.
  6. Brainstorming Guide: The basic rules with mind-map example.
  7. Consensus Building Guide: Gets agreement quickly without arguments, power plays or votes that leave some people out.
  8. Forms pack in MS Word - Please contact us for the forms pack: Info@SalesHelp.com (also available to participants of the web-based training):
    • Competitor Analysis Form
    • Objections Handling Form
    • USP FAB/TEA Research Question Guide
    • Customer Value Proposition format
    • Multi-Bid Summary closing strategy
    • Balance Sheet closing strategy
    • Master Strategic Sales Plan – Step Based closing strategy
    • Telephone Cold Call Script Writing Guide
    • Voice Mail Strategy Writing Guide

About facilitating this course:

At the beginning of the session, participants go to flip charts to identify the objections they get that stop or stall their sales. At the end of the session, each participant tells and demonstrates how they will prevent, preempt, and respond to every sales objection they listed. Very impressive and extremely effective. Results are immediate, observable, measurable, and sustainable. See the Facilitator's Guide Sample linked above. This guide is also an excellent Coaching Guide as well.

This is a facilitator’s / coach's dream course. The topic is timely and in demand. The results are immediate and measurable. There is no push back because you’re not competing with any other sales model, just adding strategies where objections are getting in. The class is activity driven, and the takeaways for each participant will be used by them for as long as they are in sales.

Other than buying books (from any source) for each participant you train, there are no additional fees from us to use this book for your training sessions. Independent contractors can set up accounts with our distributor (www.IngramContent.com) and buy books wholesale directly from them.

Resellers Guide: "How to Sell 'Objection Free Selling' Objection Free" will soon be available. Draft available now.

Buy a copy of the book then contact Bob DeGroot Bob@SalesHelp.com to request the support materials. Exception: Facilitator's guide becomes available at no additional cost when you purchase 24 books (1 carton) from any source. Why? Because that commitment suggests you are going to train or coach the course content.

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